Normally were in abit of a hurry when we deide to unlock our mobile phone,either our primary phone broke and found a spare but is locked,or will be needing it unlocked in a day or to for the trip overseas.Even if so, is importnat to take a few min before rushing and buying a solution that you might not need and verify if the unlock code you are going to buy will make our phone work on the new network or will just be some more lost time and money.

     Network compatibility

    Not all networks are compatible, phone that were built to work on a network not necessary work on all other networks too. Basically are 2 main type of networks carriers GSM and CMDA that differ on the radio systems they use. Recently there were made phones that support both type of networks, but for sure have to verify if your phone will work on the network you are planning to use after unlock. Also there may be problems in network compatibility even among networks that use same communication protocol, because of different used frequencies. This would be easier to understand from the next example. T-Mobile and At&t  are both American Gsm networks, and most phones locked to one after unlocking are compatible with the other after unlocking. But for some T-mobile unlocked phones the At&t 3g/4g will not work because the 3g/4g comes on a frequency that is not supported by the phones, even though phone calls and slow internet will work ok. So if not know from experience that a certain phone after is unlocked will work on a different network better ask before unlocking it.

    Phone blacklisted or hardlocked

     Probably most people are not used with this 2 terms but if you look on the most unlock websites terms and conditions (a decent unlock website should have a terms and condition page, would not recommend those that do not have) is said you will not receive a refund in case you buy an unlock code and does not work because is blacklisted or hardlocked .

    A phone is called blacklisted or blocked/banned if it was declared lost or stolen or for not prayed contract .In that case the phone Imei is added to the national telecommunication blacklisted database and you will not be able to use that phone on any of those countries networks. In some countries there isn’t a national agreement between all networks and if a phone is blacklisted in a network might work ok in other networks. You can verify if your phone is blacklisted by inserting in the phone the sim from the original carrier ,and if is not connecting to the network it might be blacklisted. Not connecting to network might be caused by other factors though so to confirm for sure have to call to that networks customer service.

    A phone is hardlocked if the wrong unlock code was inserted too many times ,and the phone no longer accepts to insert the unlock code anymore. Some phones can be unlocked even if are hardlocked, normally using an usb cable unlock method, but for sure you will not be able to unlock them with just an unlock code. So be careful what unlock service you buy if you think you might have a hardlocked phone because if you buy an unlock code but are not able to insert it the unlock website will not refund you.

     Verify if you will be able to insert your unlock code once you receive it

     For most phones to be able to insert the unlock code you need a sim card from a different carrier, once you turn on your phone with that sim will ask you for the network unlock code and after inserting the phone will be permanently unlocked. So for example if you want to get your phone unlocked for your next trip abroad,you must have a sim from a different carrier when you will receive the code .Would not recommend to leave it until you get abroad and use the sim you purchase there because the code may not work, and is easier to receive a fix or find another  unlock solution while still at home.

    Other phone models, especially some Lg models may need the original sim to be able to insert the unlock code or may need some special instructions, so is very important to verify you will be able to insert the unlock code once you will receive it.

    Still not sure if the unlock will work for your phone or what solution would be the most appropriate,we can help you just leave a comment bellow or contact us by chat .Have you ever had problems with getting your phone unlocked? Please leave a comment bellow to help others avoid similar issues and let us how you got it solved?