The information in this android application should be useful both to those that arSamsung unlock codes app screen 1e interested to unlock their Samsung, as can help you decide which unlock method is the best for you, and maybe most important if an unlock code by IMEI would solve your problem or would just be wasted money, but also for those that have the unlock code and do not know how to insert it or have problems while inserting it.

When you need a Samsung unlock code ?

About 80% or more of the persons that are losing their money after buying an unlock code, are in that situation because they bought an unlock code that cannot use. Is a common policy for all unlock selling websites that refunds can be given only if the unlock code is not accepted by the phone and you provide a video proof of that. Refunds are not given if:

-phone is hardlocked and you cannot insert the code

-phone is unlocked alreadySamsung unlock codes app screen 2

-phone is blacklisted or your new SIM is not compatible with the phone

-phone has a software or hardware problem and because of that cannot

connect to the network

-phones is locked with user code, or SIM Pin and does not need an unlock code

The thing is most people don’t know if are in one of the situations above, and buy an unlock code hopping will solve their problems and their phone will work perfectly after on the new network.

That’s why this application is a money saver. The app shows how to verify if you are in one of the above situation, if an unlock code by imei would be helpful and if not what is the way to fix your problem

 Have the unlock code, but have trouble inserting itSamsung unlock codes app screen 3

Sometimes inserting the Samsung unlock code proves to be more difficult than it should. If your phone is not accepting the unlock code and you get “Network unlock unsuccessful”, or it asks for different thing not the unlock code or does not ask at all for an unlock code, then the troubleshooting part of the application will be very useful. If the code is not accepted does not mean always that the code is not the correct one, using the right method you can make your phone accept the unlock code. Even if you are unlocking phones daily and normally know the basic troubleshooting methods, having a handy checklist is always useful.

Samsung unlock codes appYou can find the application on Play store by searching “Samsung unlock codes”(will see the app icon from the left), or can download it from bellow and install it to your phone. If have any problems with it, or have a suggestion on how can make it better please leave a comment bellow.

Samsung unlock codes application download link