The great things about this root tutorial are the facts that will work for a lot of devices and will succeed when other root options fail. Just need to be careful when following the tutorial to use the correct custom recovery for your device and take into consideration that by flashing a custom recovery will void your warranty and trigger knox flag.

When you should use this tutorial

This tutorial is perfect when you need to root your phone because you want to install after a custom firmware, because will root it and install a custom recovery in same time and basically this are the essential requirements to be able to install a custom firmware. Is also good to be used when rooting for other reasons, like getting your phone unlocked after or to be able to use certain programs because is a relatively simple and safe root method.

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The only persons this is not recommended for are those that do not want to trigger knox flag,because unfortunately there is no way to avoid that. Also if your phone has locked bootloader like AT&T Samsung phones please do not try to use this rooting tutorial. Normally this root method should not damage in any way your device but I recommend to make a backup of your important data before starting!

Files that need to downloaded for the root

-Samsung drivers

-Odin 3.10.6

-TWRP custom recovery (Very important chose only the one for your device model!)


Suported devices for rooting with the custom recovery

Theoretically all the devices for which there is a custom recovery available, should be supported by this root method.Beside the TWRP custom recovery can also be used in exactly same way a ClockworkMod Recovery (that can be found either on their official page or on xda-forums) which extends even more the range of devices this tutorial can be applied on. Heer are some popular models this root method should work for:


Step by step tutorial on how to root using a custom recovery

1.Downlaod the files needed for root,please be careful to choose the exact custom recovery for your phone.

2.Install the Samsung drivers

3. Connect the phone in normal mode to your computer and transfer to the phone the SuperSU installer

4.Put the phone in download mode :

                     -Switch it off

                     -Hold Home,Power and Volume down till you get to a Warning screen

                     -Press Volume Up to Continue and should see "Downloading" on screen

5.Open Odin and select for AP the custom recovery file that you downloaded.The extension of the file must be .tar or .tar.md5 ,if is .zip need to extract the content before selecting in Odin

6.Connect phone to computer and the a COM box from Odin should turn to light blue.Then can press START

7.After you see on odin "RESET" and phone starts rebooting I recommend to remove battery and put back and enter directly into the custom recovery by holding Home,Power and volume UP .You could wait till phone turns on,then switch off again but has happened for some devices not to boot properly in the custom recovery

8. Once in the custom recovery menu press the "Install" and look for the file, tap on it and "Swipe to Confirm Flash"

9. Once you see the confirmation that file was successfully flashed press the "Reboot System" button

10. Phone will turn on and be rooted. Can confirm the root has worked properly by using a root checker application like "Root Checker Basic "

If any of the steps is not working properly please read again the full tutorial to be sure you have not missed anything. If still not working please leave a comment bellow and will together for sure will find a solution.