The3 methods I am presenting bellow are general rooting methods that will work on a large variety of android devices,so eventhough this guide is personalized for Samsung devices, will work the same way for other android brands,just need to use specific drivers.

This can be considered safe rooting methods that you can try without being afraid you will brick your mobile phone, but is always better to make a backup of your data before following this tutorial.


This is a windows application with an intuitive and easy to use control interface that allows you to root your phone just by pressing a single button. This will work for almost all older android devices, but will work on some of the new phones also. Since using some of the most common root exploit the application may be found as a threat by your antivirus, but is just a false positive,so better add the application to your antivirus exception or desable the antivirus while doing the root.

How to use:

1. Download and install the Samsung drivers

2. Download and install Srsroot. If the file id deleted by your antivirus ad the program to your antivirus exclusion list or stop the antivirus while doing the root.

3. Go to Menu - Settings->Applications> Development (or Menu - Settings-> Developer option) and switch USB debugging ON

4. Open Srsroot, and just press “Smart root”. Normally the program should do the root and at the end confirm the root is successful. For some phones the program may give specific instructions please follow those and in the end the phone should get rooted, if not try the second method.

Srsroot-fast and easy root method


This is an android application that you will have to transfer to your SD card and from there install it. Once you install it the application will analyze what exploits can be used for rooting your device, and you just have to select one of the exploits that are named after the “Lord of the Rings” characters.

 How to use:

1.Downlaod the application and transfer it to you Android SD card. Can just connect the phone to pc as mass storage  or use a card reader to transfer the application to your SD card

2. Go to Settings/Security  and enable “Unknown sources”. This will enable you to install applications from you SD card

3.Use “File  Manager” or any other file browser from your Android smartphone to go to the place on the SD card where you transferred the Framaroot.apk ,and touch it so it starts installing (of course agree to the pop up asking if you want to install the application).

4. Open the application, select from the first drop down menu “Install SuperSU” (leaving it on “Install Superuser” may be ok to,but would recommend SuperSU as a better root manager) and from bellow press on one of the exploits available(ex: Sam, Frodo, Legolas ,Aragorn etc)

5.If you get  "Success…” then your device is rooted. If you get “Failed.. Try another exploit if available”, just select another exploit from the ones available.

If when opening Framaroot you get a pop up saying “Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot” give it a try with the third method

Cydia Impactor

This is a program made for Windows,Linux and Mac by the wellknow software developer Jay Freeman (saurik) ,known spcially for making Cydia for iPhones. This application uses the Android "Master Key" vulnerability. This vulnerability can be pretty dangerous if used by a malicious application as can basically take over over all your phone function without you knowing.But this root method is safe, and if have not updated your device to a firmware that patches this vulnerabilities you can use this method to root it.

How to use:

  1. Download the program for your operating system: for Windows,Linux 32x, and Mac
  2. Download and install the Samsung drivers (can use also the program option to install the driver )
  3. Go to Menu - Settings->Applications> Development (or Menu - Settings-> Developer option) and switch USB debugging ON
  4. Extract the archive ,open “Impactor.exe” ,leave everything like it is and just press “Start”
  5. Should get a message saying you are rooted
  6. Open Play store and download and install the application “SuperSU”
  7. If you get an error may try doing a phone factory reset or try another pc

 For some phone models may be a specific root method,so if the above methods did not worked leave a comment and will try to help you with a specific method for your phone.Also if any of this methods worked for you please leave a comment with your phone model and which method worked