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About founder.

Ovidiu Stefan is the founder of the OnlineUnlocks company.

He started his career as a Military Navy Officer but soon after finishing his studies, and working a few other years in the Navy, he realized he was so passionate about the mobile devices, that he had to quit the Navy carrier. So while he was working in the navy, in the evenings he was learning and practicing phones repairs till late in the night. After a few months in 2009, he decided to take a chance in this direction. He quitted Navy, and started his online shop, selling phone services, as rooting and unlocks.


Guaranteed Service and Customer Satisfaction.

Our company purpose is to create an online unlock shop where people can buy with confidence and trust.

At onlineunlocks.com, we are proud of our services and our customer support. Please check our feedback in reviewcenter.com


Proven Track Report.

We have been unlocking mobile phones for more than 8 years and we have a proven track report of success.

By combining a serious product with easy to follow instructions, we reached a proven formula for successful services.

 Our testimonials will show that we provide a qualitative support to our customers, and deliver good services on time.


Efficient Solutions, Lowest Prices.

We offer a quality product at a reasonable price. We are not only a cost-effective solution but also unrivaled in terms of delivery - unlock codes can be generated using cutting edge technology and supplied to you by email, directly in the chat box when we are online or on the facebook page if you ask about this type of notification.


Outstanding Cell Phone Unlocking Service.

Over the past 8 years, our services evolved to include the latest phones on the market, and we currently offer to unlock services for over 9000 mobile devices from all of the leading manufacturers including Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, ZTE and Sony. Ultimately, we wish to unlock any phone on any network across the globe.


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 We are giving our best so that you won't be disappointed.


Business information:

Unique registration number (CUI) 38362520
EUID ROONRC.J22/3203/2017

Adress: Str. Fantanilor Nr.35, Bl. B1, Sc. A
Iasi, Romania

Contact us :

Online chat found at the bottom right of any of our website pages, available according to our Online program

By email at contact@onlineunlocks.com 

By yahoo messenger onlineunlocks

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By SMS to + 1 (585) 213-1141

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